*Second episode*

Pete happens upon a hideous sight when he walks in on Debbie and Ross kissing. It’s just too much for the farmer, who warns his wife to steer clear of his no-good brother. Little Sarah has seen them, too, and after Debbie calms her daughter down, she tells Ross their cosy evening in is off. Ross is gutted and inwardly blames Pete for getting in the way of his happiness once again.

The police appear and arrest Robert on suspicion of Katie’s murder. Victoria’s stunned as her brother is lead away while Chas prays that her son’s part in the crime stays secret. Aaron, meanwhile, is just as worried by the police as he is by Andy, who he reckons will have worked it all out. Meanwhile, down at the station, Robert is questioned. He lies that Andy has made the whole thing up – and walks free.

Having been told by Rakesh that Lachlan is wandering about the village with a gun, Chrissie is freaking out. The lawyer wants to call the police, but Chrissie manages to persuade him to let her try to find her son first.