Pete frames Ross!

As Ross tries to get rid of a stolen car gangster Charlie has dumped at the garage before the police find it, Pete, too, is a man on a mission. Convinced there is something going on between Ross and Debbie he confronts his fiancee and asks her outright if she is sleeping with him. When Debbie denies it and tries to dampen down his jealousy, Pete storms off to have it out with Ross. But when he fails to find his brother Pete comes up with another solution to get back at Ross and frames him for theft! As he waits for the consequences, he then warns Debbie that Ross will get what’s coming to him.

Robert finds Adam and Victoria’s mobile phones at the scrapyard and uses them to his advantage. On a mission to find the AWOL pair, Robert employs Harriet’s services as a private investigator.

Bernice is continuing to pretend she has a boyfriend, but Tracy’s not fooled and decides two can play that game.