Pete Ferguson is furious to discover his story has been buried in the paper and goes to Paul for answers. Confused, Paul demands that Elle tells him what happened and she admits Susan paid Pete for the story. As Susan begs Paul not to run the story and save Karl’s career, Paul insists on giving it a front page spread.

But he is forced to relent when Elle and Susan reveal that he could end up being sued for running the story before the hospital have finished their investigations. Meanwhile, Pete is furious that the deal with Paul is apparently off and Susan and Elle are stunned to find him in the back of their car on their drive home, and in no mood to be sympathetic…

Dan and Libby give their relationship another go. Nervous Libby admits to Steph that she is scared as she prepares for their date. Steph warns Dan not to hurt Libby, and their date ends up going well. But Dan can’t forget his brother and Lucas ends up haunting him on the night out.