*First episode*

Pete is out of prison and back in the bosom of his family. But his mum, Emma, is devastated to hear Pete isn’t planning to stick around for long as he’s been offered a job in Aberdeen! Finn, however, has a plan to get Pete to stick around – but Ross insists his brother won’t want to be any part of a business he’s involved in.

Meanwhile, Robert has a dilemma on his hands in the wake of Pete’s return, too. Having been given a letter from Gordon to give to Aaron, Robert isn’t sure whether he should pass it on. When Adam insists Robert allow Aaron to make the decision himself, will Robert take his advice?

Reeling from Lawrence’s bombshell that he’s not her biological dad, Chrissie is hurt and wants to lash out. She tells Andy that as soon as she’s told Lachlan about it, they’re leaving Emmerdale. But Andy reckons she should stop punishing her dad.

Lawrence is in a state about it all, too, and is taking it out on Bernice, who is thrown when Ronnie Hale turns up on their doorstep…