Pete kisses Moira!

When Pete comforts Moira, support turns to passion…

Moira’s in a right state and in no condition to be having a meeting with a potential buyer for the farm. The pitch goes terribly and, afterwards, as she confides her upset in Pete, the pair ends up kissing! Will Leyla realise what’s happened when she arrives with the intention of getting back on track with Pete?

Laurel’s exhausted and Doug is determined to persuade his daughter to reconsider getting full-time care for Ashley. But Laurel’s determined to look after her husband herself. Later, will a conversation with Aaron change Laurel’s mind?

Also, Jimmy returns to the village and is on his way to see his estranged wife Nicola when Rodney suggests a quick pint. Jimmy agrees, unaware Nicola has clocked the conversation from the window. Uh oh!