Pete moves out of Leyla’s as the couple consciously uncouple

Pete moves out of Leyla's in the wake of their failed wedding day

In the wake of their failed wedding day, which saw Pete and Leyla both try to escape the ceremony via the loo window, it’s time to untangle their lives. It’s a sad moment for the pair when Pete arrives to collect his stuff. Leyla’s humiliated following Pete’s previous clumsy admission that he never actually meant to propose, while Pete feels sick at the thought of his secret betrayal with Leyla’s best mate Priya.

Elsewhere, Debbie is in a hotel trying to win the business of a via wealthy new client who’s shown interest in hiring their flashy car. But when it comes to test driving the Bentley there’s a problem: it’s been stolen!

Dan’s homeless brother Daz is now kipping in Hettie. Amelia pops in, fascinated by her uncle’s stuff. The little girl finds a knife Daz has hidden under his pillow and accidentally cuts herself on it… Will this shatter the Spencer siblings’ truce?