Cleo’s uncomfortable when Pete kisses her neck as she’s making a cup of tea, but she reluctantly agrees to a date with him. Cleo and Porsche drool over topless Harry in the village and Porsche promises that she’ll make things right between him and Cleo. She starts to organise her fourth ’21st’ birthday party, where she plans to reunite her little sister with Harry. Cleo sees Harry at the bus stop and asks him to go for a drink with her. They seem to thaw towards each other, but Cleo’s reminded about her date with Pete. She meets Pete at home and plucks up the courage to tell him she can’t go to the hotel because she’s got to help Porsche with preparations for her party.

Meanwhile, Trevor gets a call from his credit card company to say that someone has withdrawn £1,000 from his account. When confronted by his dad, Dylan’s forced to confess but Trevor’s impressed when he sees how much money has been made selling legal highs. Ben turns up to search Trevor’s flat and, when he finds Dylan’s pills, Trevor takes the blame to save his son. However, Trevor is busted when Ben reveals that the ‘legal highs’ were banned last week. Dylan decides to make it right and hands himself in.

Sinead warns Scott that she knows he’s trying to seduce Ste. She lies to her cousin that Harry fancies him, which takes Scott’s attention away from Ste for a little while.

Also, Robbie tries to convince Jason that he did go back to the ravine to help him; Jason tells him there’s no coming back for them.