‘I cheated on Leyla!’ Pete tells Emma about his affair with Priya

Pete tells Emma he slept with Priya when his mum starts badmouthing his unwitting ex Leyla

Pete’s had to move back home after splitting up with Leyla and Emma’s loving it! Nothing makes her happier than being around her sons but Pete’s in no mood for his mum’s over zealous loyalty and when she starts badmouthing Leyla he loses it. Emma’s stunned when Pete defends his ex revealing he was the bad person in the relationship and confessing to a fling with Priya.

Nell does a pregnancy test and is thrilled to bits when it comes up positive! But why is Jai so worried? Isn’t this everything the pair, who has both had kids taken away from them, has ever wanted?

Car problems continue for Debbie causing her loads of stress. Will she tell Charity the full story?