Peter and Amanda: secret’s out?

After spending the night together, a happy Amanda and Peter decide they’ll give their new relationship a go. Elsewhere, Drew volunteers to drop Ryan off at Amanda’s. As she answers the door, Peter is forced to hide before escaping through the kitchen.

Dan questions Peter when he arrives home, and forces him to admit that there is a girl but he’s not saying who, although he mentions they stayed up all night watching Casablanca. At work, Amanda mentions she watched Casablanca all night and Leah twigs that Amanda is Peter’s mystery woman. She’s furious and tells a reluctant Peter that he must come clean to Drew – today!

Cassie, Belle, Ric, Lucas and Matilda are at the beach when it starts pouring with rain and the boys suggest a game of strip poker indoors. Down to her bikini, Belle makes a bet with the boys that if they lose the next game, they’ll have to strip to nothing. The boys lose and are forced to strip naked – just as Alf walks in!

Cassie’s pleased when Macca informs her he’s been offered a job. But she’s stunned when Macca reveals the new job is in the city and he really wants to take it – but only if Cassie will go with him. Will they leave the Bay?

*Screened on RTE One, Tuesday March 20*