Leanne asks Peter to be at her side during the opening night, but as she sets about her work he’s left to talk to Carla. As she asks him how he resists the lure of alcohol, Peter explains that in the past he has relapsed, but he will never go there again now that he has Leanne. Carla’s stung by his words; she secretly downs a few drinks alone and leaves. The night turns out to be a massive success, but when Leanne goes to find Peter he’s gone AWOL… he’s with Carla.

John‘s feeling more alone then ever after Charlotte’s pass at him. Sensing that he’s stressed Fiz worries, claiming this should be the happiest time of their lives. John does his best to reassure her, but doesn’t bank on her reaction when she finds and opens the handwritten letter.

Sally cooks a meal for the Dobbs, and Tyrone insists that she and Kevin join them to eat it. But it’s another awkward reminder for Molly of her affair with Kevin. Desperate to move on, she asks the impossible of Kevin by urging him to forget everything that happened between them.

Also, Cheryl’s intimidated By Chris’s presence at the bar; Nick flirts with Maria, much to Leanne’s annoyance.

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Peter’s by Carla‘s side at the police station as she’s processed for drink driving. Back at home Peter is angry and insists she tells him what happened, but he’s stunned when Carla reveals she was confused about falling for him. Peter’s reassures her that she is beautiful and intelligent, and in another life, without Leanne they may have had a future together. Carla’s buoyed and leans in to kiss him and he’s tempted.

Meanwhile, back at the bar Nick and Leanne are on a high after the success of the night and when Nick kisses Leanne she responds passionately. They tear at each other’s clothes giving into their desires, but Rosie heads… back to the bar after forgetting her phone.

Molly‘s thankful when Kevin agrees to her request and sets about confronting Tyrone who needs her more then ever. But Molly’s also grieving and confides in Pam that Jack had found out about the affair and the DNA test. Exhausted, Molly breaks down as Pam tries to pick up the pieces.

John’s blind-sided by Fiz brandishing the letter. The message is cryptic so John tries to allay Fiz’s fears before she figures it out. Meanwhile, we see John’s tormentor!

Also, Michelle and Ciaran grow closer as a couple.

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