Peter and Ken unite against Rob

Peter enjoys telling Rob that he’s put him down for the evening shift again. Rob pretends he’s cool with it, but Tracy’s annoyed. As the two men argue over the merits of Rob’s new computer system versus Peter’s traditional method of paper and pens, Ken tells Peter how he dislikes Rob and thinks he’s a bad influence on Tracy. Peter agrees.

Stella’s preoccupied and Karl worries she’s having second thoughts about him. After her run-in with Karl, Leanne vows to tell Stella what kind of man she’s intending to marry. But when Leanne finds her upset, Stella reveals some shocking news of her own.

Painting on a smile, Eileen fusses over Paul as he prepares for his first day back at work. But when Paul’s late home, Eileen tries to mask her fears.

Also, when Julie hears that her mum has broken her hip, she tells Carla she needs some time off to go and look after her; Kylie’s touched when David suggests he should take over her evening shifts at the bistro so she can rest; Eva heads off on holiday.