Leanne’s back on the street and reveals to Janice that she has split up with her boyfriend. Hearing about her arrival Peter dashes round to see her and they arrange to meet for lunch. Leanne’s impressed when he explains how he’s dealing with his drinking. He thanks her for helping him realise his problems and lies that there’s been no-one else since she left. The situation get more serious when he begs her to stay for good.

Eileen walks downstairs in the morning and is horrified to discover she’s been burgled. The TV and DVD player are missing and in her panic she fails to spot Jesse’s parrot escaping. Jesse’s mortified, especially as his van’s gone too. The police arrive to investigate, but when Sean admits that he brought a bloke home last night and he must be the thief, Eileen’s gobsmacked.

Sally suggests a holiday to Kevin but he dismisses the idea as too expensive. He thinks their discussion is over but when Sally later reveals that Rosie has offered to pay for their holiday he and Molly are less than happy with the news.

Also; Amber apologises to Darryl. But she’s stunned when he tells her he saw her kissing Mitch and finishes with her on the spot.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Peter knows he’s going to have to work hard to regain Leanne’s trust. He promises to be entirely honest with her if she will let him cook for them, and Leanne agrees. When she compliments him on his improvement as a father Peter opens up about the fire and his two conquests. But ever the coward he fails to mention Michelle’s name. Leanne however is impressed with his honesty and when he tells her how much he loves her she kisses him. But as the couple get it on Michelle arrives back on the street!

Molly worries that Kevin will finish with her after a posh holiday with Sally, but he tells her he’s not prepared to give her up. And as Jack prepares to move out Molly knows she should be working on her own marriage. When Jack tells her she and Tyrone are made for each other, a guilty Molly struggles to hold back the tears.

Sean’s full of remorse for admitting a burglar in to the house. Eileen is forgiving until she discovers that the insurance company won’t pay out as the culprit was invited in.

Also; Amber begs Darryl to forgive her but he insists their lives are going in different directions…