Peter and Michelle clash at the factory

Peter’s got a big client meeting with a lucrative potential contract at stake. But when Michelle refuses to help, sticking to her remit as PA, Peter’s forced to fly solo. The meeting’s going well, but when the rep presses Peter over a discrepancy in the figures Michelle butts in and tempers soon reach boiling point as the pair bicker.

Hayley’s nervous as she waits for Christian and when he fails to show Roy’s heart aches for her as her hopes of a reconciliation seem over.

David’s feeling the pressure as an exhausted and stressed out Kylie snaps at him. With Audrey’s help, David surprises Kylie with lunch. But when Gail calls to say the results of Nick’s tests were good David feels more under pressure than ever.

Also, Eva and Gloria are forced to reluctantly support Stella’s decision to sell the pub; Michelle’s angered by Ryan’s relentless irresponsibility.