Peter‘s on the warpath as he hounds the Platts for information about Lewis. Later he snaps at a bemused Leanne for failing to spot Lewis’s obvious scam. Nick attempts to console her, but when an angry Peter finds them in the pub together, the two men lock horns again. As Nick defends both Leanne and Audrey, Peter flies at him, bundling him out of the pub and into the street. Ciaran realises that things are getting out of hand and steps in to defuse the situation.

Audrey hides away, heartbroken and humiliated after Lewis’s deception. Meanwhile, Deidre is feeling guilty for being tempted by Lewis and it’s time for Ken and her to pick up the pieces of their marriage once again.

Owen subtly uses an oblivious Jason to convince Bill to sell up. He then pays off Eileen and Liz, revealing that they’ll be seeing a lot more of him.

Also, Leanne urges Natasha to tell Nick about the baby, but she’s stubborn and convinced that he won’t want to know; Sally forces a gutted Sophie to cut all contact with Sian.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Leanne’s finally reached the end of her tether and is sick of the way Peter’s been treating her, especially after all she’s been through with him. As they row she responds to a text from Janice to meet her at the factory. But when she turns up Nick is standing there holding Janice‘s phone. Furious at his deception Leanne goes to leave, but Nick begs her to stay and talk, telling her she deserves better. As he moves in closer he makes it clear she has other options, but as the pair kiss Natasha bursts in. She is shocked by Nick’s betrayal and reveals that she’s pregnant.

Audrey is still unable to face the world outside and shocks Gail with a drastic decision. She still intends to move to Greece, but this time by herself.

Sian visits Sophie while she’s working at the shop. Sunita can see how much the pair care about each other and helps them to keep their secret.

Also, Bill agrees a deal with Owen; Ken and Deirdre air their dirty laundry in public.

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