Peter and Rob square up! (VIDEO)

Peter’s miles away thinking about Tina, but Carla assumes he is brooding over Simon. Carla confesses to Michelle that she’s worried Peter might have changed his mind about marrying her. At Peter’s stag do, Tina and Liz have to break up a potential fight between Rob and Peter. Later, Tina follows Peter into the Rovers’ backyard and he confesses his feelings to her.

Having finished Carla’s dress, Hayley’s exhausted but is pleased when Carla tries it on and is thrilled. Worried that Roy’s not as prepared for her death as she thought he was, Hayley suggests they go coffin shopping. Even though the destination overwhelms him, Roy agrees to go.

Anna’s tense as the threat of prosecution hangs over Faye and is determined to persuade Peter and Leanne to drop the charges.

Also, Michelle’s annoyed when Steve arrives home late from his history class.