Peter and Rob square up!

Peter and Rob are like a pair of rutting stags at the bookies. Fed up, Rob slips into the back for a bit of afternoon delight with Tracy, who’s put out by Carla’s demands that she step in as delivery driver while Kirk’s off sick. But when their absence allows the coffee machine to leak all over the floor, Peter is furious.

Mindful of the recent upheaval in their family, Izzy proposes a meal at hers to heal rifts. Throwing himself into his relationship Gary promises to help, but then Tina demands he meet her at the yard, where she has a go at him for tackling Tommy and arousing suspicion with Rita. He’s horrified to see Ryan’s walked in on their row, and hears something about a kiss!

Hayley attempts to get Roy to acknowledge his bereavement, but he steadfastly ignores her and retreats into his shell. However, when Sylvia insists they visit St John’s grave together Roy agrees.

Also, Stella plans a bank holiday Monday re-launch for the pub, as she thanks Karl for his support; Chesney decides it’s time to shed his Mr Nice Guy image.