Alone in the flat Peter tries to persuade Tina (and himself) that they should keep their distance from now on. Unable to resist each other they go to kiss, but when they hear a key in the door they spring apart. Realising with horror that Tina has left splodges of paint on Peter’s shirt, he quickly dives into the bedroom and Carla is none the wiser.

Kylie continues to rant as Leanne orders her out of the bistro. Gail plays down Kylie’s harsh words to a shocked Sally, but she’s left unconvinced. Leanne tries to reason with Kylie by telling her how much Nick’s mood swings are already affecting her and this added stress might make him even worse.

Hayley and Roy return from her scan and although she suspects her chemo isn’t working, she’s determined to remain upbeat and enjoy Christmas.

Also, Steve’s friend Andrea turns up at the Rovers and Michelle is instantly jealous; and Sophie announces she’ll be spending Christmas helping out in a soup kitchen.