Peter Barlow is back in Coronation Street!

Disaster strikes when a battered and bruised Peter Barlow returns home to Coronation Street

Simon is delighted to have his Dad home, while Peter admits he has nowhere to stay. Ken relents and tells Peter he’s welcome to stay while he is gone. As Ken readies to leave in the middle of the night, he bumps into Peter behaving shiftily.

Disappointed, Ken makes to leave with a heavy heart, but suddenly disaster strikes at the Barlows’.

Having been locked in the Bistro cellar, David batters on the door in a fit of rage, while Gail and Nick reveal that they know his plans to kill Clayton. When Sarah talks to David through the cellar door, he begs her to let him go. Will she relent?

Tracy rails at Steve and Michelle for failing to tell her about Jim’s genetic condition…

Gary leaves a message on Sarah’s phone apologising for hassling her earlier and suggesting they meet up. Will she agree?