Peter agrees to go to court to help Billy and reads his victim impact statement saying that he believes Billy has suffered enough and shouldn’t go to prison. As they leave court a fight breaks out between two men and Billy is pushed to the ground.

Billy doubles up in pain, a metal lucky charm given to him by Summer has embedded in his thigh and is bleeding profusely. Peter stems the flow with his jacket and calls an ambulance. He then listens in shock as a weak Billy explains how he and his mates ran Susan’s car off the road then left her for dead.

Chaos reigns at the Rovers as Leanne, Simon, Oliver and Eva move in. Peter and Simon feel outnumbered by the women.

Aidan and Alya meet Matthew in the café to propose becoming partners. Matthew quickly cuts them off, insisting he could never work with Aidan. Aidan suggests Alya might have more luck tackling Matthew on her own. Is Aidan back in business?

Brian returns early from his walking holiday, having missed Cathy. She’s delighted to see him and Brian presents her with some mushrooms he foraged.