Peter Barlow is excited to get a text from Toyah saying the surrogate is in labour. Eva then hides in another room in the cottage whilst Toyah video chats Peter to show him his daughter, who they agree to call Suzie. Peter announces the news to the bar and Simon watches it all unfold with mounting jealousy. Toyah watches over the baby and promises Eva she will always look after her.

A gobsmacked Angie is furious with Jude and heads over to the solicitors office where she pours her heart out to Adam over a few whiskies.

As everyone tries to reconcile Sally and Yasmeen without success, Geoff takes matters into his own hands and miraculously fixes the broken bird feeder. Sally shakes hands with Yasmeen to Tim’s amazement.

Johnny tells Aidan that Jenny has postponed their leaving party. Summer asks Aidan if she can clean the factory to earn some money. On Tyrone’s advice Kirk lies and tells Beth that Sharon, the lady who’s dog he is training, is in her sixties.

Second episode of the evening.