Ken is stunned when Peter turns up at the Barlows with his son Simon. Peter tells Ken that Lucy contacted him after five years to say she was dying and she wanted him to look after Simon. Ken takes Peter for a drink and realises that the last thing Peter wants is to be saddled with a child.

Tony confronts Carla about her plans to go away, but Carla refuses to change her mind. At the factory, Carla is stunned when she sees the mess Tony made of the office the night before. Carla reiterates that she is going to stay with a friend in LA. Tony is gutted when Carla won’t give him a straight answer when he asks if they will still be getting married when she returns…

Hooch is determined not to let Becky get away with her drunken rampage. Hooch pays Steve a visit at the pub and Steve has to cover with a curious Michelle. Hooch tells Steve that he needs to think long and hard before he jeopardises what he has with Michelle for Becky.

Also, Sally and Kevin are concerned for Rosie when the police say that they have CCTV footage of someone else using her bankcard.