In the Rovers back room Peter thanks Carla for handing him a lifeline, but she makes it crystal clear she did it for the sake of justice. Casting dignity aside Peter gets down on his knees and tearfully begs her to take him back.

Eileen confides in Jason, Julie and Sean how she feels she let Todd down and blames herself for his attack. As Todd stares at his disfigured face in the mirror he breaks down.

As Cilla pals up with Craig, Chesney watches with a pang of jealousy before storming out of the house. Opening up to Rita, Chesney explains how he wishes his mother had made the same effort with him as she does with Craig.

Sally surprises Tim with a romantic meal, but he acts shiftily, aware he should be at Anna’s; Kal tells Zeedan he could do much better than labouring for Tony; Gary and Alya secretly go on a date.