Ken and Deirdre are about to report Peter’s absence when he arrives in the visiting room trying to mask his agony. He warns Ken and Deirdre to keep quiet about his beating as he and Jim are quits now and it would only make matters worse. But back on the street, Deirdre urges Liz to go and see Jim and ask him to lay off Peter and she reluctantly agrees.

Eileen’s upset that Jason’s moving out to get away from Todd. When Todd then overhears a drunk Eileen telling Sean she hates the person Todd’s turned into, he’s devastated.

Gail convinces Michael he needs a proper diagnosis and she will stand by him because she loves him. Michael’s touched. Later, Audrey and Nick urge Gail to ditch him before she ends up being his carer, but Gail stands by her man.

Also, Tim’s not happy that Sally didn’t warn him about Kevin’s return.