Peter begs Tina to stay

Simon’s upset to learn that Tina’s moving away and when Peter bumps into her, he begs her not to leave. Tina’s left confused, but her plan to leave Weatherfield is clearly now on hold.

Fiz apologises to Anna for snapping at her earlier over Roy. They make up and agree they both just want Roy back safe and sound. They decide to set up a search party, but are unable to trace Roy’s whereabouts.

Dennis tries to apologise to Rita for the awful things he said, but Rita’s too hurt to listen and rebuffs him. Seeing how upset Rita is over Dennis, Tina changes her plans and stays in Weatherfield to support her friend.

Also, Todd lies to Marcus telling him he’s spoken to his estate agent friend; and Lloyd’s in seventh heaven when he receives a text from Andrea with four kisses.