Peter breaks down

Peter has gone AWOL after his drunken ranting at Simon’s nativity play and Ken is worried. Leanne eventually finds Peter at the flat sleeping off a hangover and unable to remember much about the previous day’s events. Leanne persuades him to get his act together and take teddy round to the Barlows’ for Simon. Peter is ashamed as his son proudly performs his lines from the nativity play and he breaks down and tells Ken that he can’t cope with being a dad.

Maria is furious when the police call round and tell her that they don’t have any evidence to lead them to think Tony killed Liam. But she is intrigued when later in the day Jed arrives at the house and tells her he wants to talk to her about a murderer…

Lloyd and Steve are carrying a little too much around the middle and Michelle decides it’s about time the pair of them lost a few pounds! Michelle sets them a slimming challenge and Liz decides to help out Lloyd by inviting him along to her Brazilian Crunch class.

Also, Tyrone is happy when Molly reveals she wants to move back in; Norris wins a Polish Christmas hamper and Eileen invites Vicki for Christmas lunch.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter tells Deirdre, Ken and Blanche that he wants to be a real dad to Simon and they tell him that they will look after Simon until he gets himself sorted out. Peter grovels to Leanne for his recent flaky behaviour and thanks her for helping him find Simon’s teddy. Peter invites Leanne round to the flat and although she turns him down in favour of Christmas shopping, Peter is left with the hope that something may happen between them yet. Despite his promise not to drink after feeling maudlin about Simon he opens a bottle of whisky…

Maria finds an unlikely ally in the shape of Jed, who tells her that he believes her theory that Tony killed Liam. Audrey advises caution and tells Maria that she should stop looking for someone to blame. Meanwhile, Tony is rattled when Jed sees him talking to Jimmy and gives him a suspicious look.

Michelle tells Steve that she’d like to do a gig on Christmas Eve and Steve feigns disappointment, but then gleefully tells Becky that this is the last Christmas she will be alone.

Also, Rosie flirts with Gary; Colin and Rita have hit it off; and Lloyd suffers following the Brazilian Crunch class.

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