Peter ‘bumps’ into Leanne!

Peter agrees Simon can hold a funeral for his rabbit. Hearing about his pet’s death, Sophie suggests they bury the rabbit in the back garden of Number 4 so that Simon can visit its grave. Simon makes a heartfelt speech at the funeral and seeing how upset he is, Peter tells him he’s taking him on a little trip to cheer him up. As they arrive at an Italian restaurant in Leeds a waitress heads over to take their order and Simon’s thrilled to see it’s Leanne! But will she be happy to see Peter?

Steve and Becky are left reeling following the drama at the police station. But as Steve makes some decisions about their marriage Hooch pulls up outside the Rovers and orders Steve to get into the car.

Darryl’s put out when Amber’s friend Mitch shares a cab to a party with them. He’s even more upset to hear that Mitch is going to the same university as Amber and he accuses her of fancying Mitch. She denies it but after a blazing row she heads to the party without him.

Also, Jesse auditions potential assistants for his act and it’s not going too well until Julie volunteers her services.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Sean finds Jason, Leon and the football team in a gay club. Knowing the joke’s gone on for too long he tells Leon that Jason’s actually straight. But when Leon refuses to believe him Sean’s horrified and informs Jason that he’s been playing for a gay football team. Jason thinks it’s hilarious and when Leon decides to ‘out’ Jason by entering him in the club’s Mr Gay Weatherfield contest, a drunken Jason revels in the competition.

Leanne reluctantly serves Peter and Simon. Peter apologises for his past behaviour and begs Leanne to return home with him. But when she reveals she has a new boyfriend and a new life they leave without her. Peter later tells Blanche how he failed to win Leanne back but Blanche is confident that Leanne will change her mind.

Hooch tells Steve what he plans to do with Becky’s court case and the charges against Becky are dropped. Steve hopes it’s the last they’ll see of him but Hooch has one final parting shot for Steve. He warns him that Becky will always bring him trouble.

Also, Teresa encourages Darryl to apologise to Amber but when he arrives at the party he spots her kissing Mitch.

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