Peter catches a desperate Billy stealing to buy more drugs

Peter is shocked to find Billy stealing cash from Eileen's tea caddy to fund his drug addiction.

With no sign of Billy, Eva, Phelan, Eileen and Summer are getting desperate unaware that he is watching them all through their back window. Peter is installing a new cctv camera and on his laptop spots Billy heading towards Eileen’s back yard. Peter follows him and is shocked to see him stealing cash from a tea caddy.

Gemma and Tyrone regret their night together and agree it was a mistake. But with Rita having spotted Gemma coming out of No.9 it seems the cat may be out of the bag. Can Gemma get Rita to agree to keep quiet? Meanwhile having spoken to Roy about the situation with Ruby, Fiz goes to have a chat with Tyrone and says she would like to come back home. But when she takes the bedding out of the washing machine she discovers a condom wrapper.

David is gutted when Josh insists he gets medical advice before he will let him fight. At the medical centre Ali advises that his epilepsy rules him out of the boxing match.

Audrey is stunned when a client turns out to be a clairvoyant who tells her she’s been communicating with her dead husband Alf. Jude prepares for his job interview to be a assistant marine biologist at the aquarium.

First episode of the evening.