Carla’s at No 1 looking for Peter when they get the call to say he’s confessed to killing Frank. As Carla reels, Peter’s questioned about his story. He claims that after leaving the Bistro he went to the factory, rowed with Frank then hit him with the whisky bottle. He left Frank unconscious then went out and drunk himself senseless. As the detectives go to verify Peter’s story news of his confession spreads. Leanne’s angry that Peter could do this to his son and dreads telling Simon. Meanwhile, Kevin’s relieved to hear he could be off the hook.

It’s break-time at Bessie Street School and Kylie hands Max and Amy junk food, saying if they promise not to tell she’ll come back tomorrow and take orders for their friends. Brian’s furious to find Amy with a pie and reprimands a puzzled Tracy.

Lewis has spent the night at Audrey’s and neither has any regrets. But as Lewis wonders when they’ll break the news that they’re an item, Audrey suggests they keep their relationship secret for now while they have some fun.

Also, an exhausted Eileen struggles with Paul’s new arrangement as he refuses to hear any more talk of care homes for Lesley.