Peter cracks under the pressure! (VIDEO)

As Carla tries to get Peter to remember where he was they agree to maintain he was at the flat all night. When Peter’s then taken to the police station for questioning, he sticks to his story claiming he was at home. On the street Jason finds a broken whisky bottle in the builder’s skip covered in blood and hands it to the police. Back at the station, Peter’s feeling the pressure and when they demand to know how Peter could have bought whisky from an off-licence when he claimed to be with Carla, it looks like the net is closing in.

Dennis confesses to Tina that he doesn’t want to leave Rita. Rita meanwhile confides in Audrey that she’s devastated that Dennis is going. So both take the plunge and reveal their true feelings…

Karl complains he’s just Stella’s hired help and Sunita’s annoyed as Dev refuses to cancel a business meeting for a night out. All dressed up with nowhere to go she heads to the Bistro where Karl suggests he takes her out.

Also, when Lesley scalds herself with the kettle, Dr Carter advises Eileen and Paul that they need help; Lewis presents Audrey with a silver bracelet; Nick finds 50 pounds missing from the till and Gail blames Lewis.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Peter admits to the police that he was drunk and has no idea where he was when Frank was murdered. But in no position yet to charge him they’re forced to let Peter go. Peter accuses Carla of thinking he killed Frank and, refusing to go home with her, he heads to the pub. Meanwhile, Anne has found the new factory contract is mysteriously missing from Frank’s desk and conveys the significance of this to the police. Combined with the finger print analysis on the whisky bottle, the police are now convinced they’ve got their murderer and head to the street to make an arrest.

When Gail accuses Lewis of stealing the 50 pounds and Nick doesn’t back him he resigns on the spot. Audrey confronts him about where he got the money for the bracelet. When Eva then arrives back having been shopping for the Bistro, Nick and Audrey realise their mistake.

Rita returns home with Dennis to drop his bags before they head off to the Rovers to reveal their big news.

Also, Karl and Sunita return to the street on a high after a great night out, but both agree not to mention it to their partners; Paul and Lesley head to the Bistro for a night off.