Peter detoxes at Amanda’s

Amanda tells Peter she wants to help him with his addiction to prescription drugs and Peter agrees to go cold turkey, lying to Drew and Dan that he’s going on a fishing trip for a few days. Meanwhile, Irene catches Drew graffiti-ing Amanda’s car and bundles him over to Dan’s.

After Peter admonishes Drew for his behaviour, he realises he’s taking a risk, detoxing at Amanda’s. But when he arrives at Amanda’s, she helps him through his cold turkey, and the pair have a heart to heart about Drew.

Jack continues his rehabilitation with Sam, and the pair chat about Sam’s son. But Jack hits a raw nerve when he asks her about her husband. Sam later admits her ex was caught embezzling money from his company and was jailed.

As she gets ready for her date with Ash, Martha tells Alf how much she likes him, and she’s even more impressed when he takes her for a silver service-style picnic at the beach.

Later, Tony tells Alf that Ash has a habit of leaving girls in the lurch when things get serious – and a concerned Alf raises the issue with Martha when she gets back from her date. But she dismisses his concerns and tells him there’s nothing to worry about.

*Shown on RTE on Tuesday March 6*