As Peter makes plans for Leanne’s 30th Stella suggests she organises a party in the Rovers. But when she leaves her purse in the bookies Peter makes a startling discovery about Stella’s connection to Leanne. Confronting her he demands to know what’s going on and as Stella opens up Peter’s floored by her shock confession that she is Leanne’s mum.

Stella is cruel to be kind to Becky. As Steve sets about repairing the damage Becky’s done to the pub he’s stunned as she insists she’s still working there. But Stella decides she has to be cruel to be kind to Becky and suggests she backs off now and fights Steve in court.

Owen’s thoughtful as the pressure builds on Anna. She’s shocked to hear Jerry Morton’s putting the house on the market, but giving her first refusal. Owen suggests she look into buying it and Anna puts her mind to getting the money together.

Also; The police come calling on Fiz again revealing they’ve exhumed Joy Fishwick’s body, but can’t prove she was murdered.

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