Peter drinks Jim’s entire stash

With Jim refusing to give Peter any more alcohol a desperate Peter tracks down Jim’s illegal stash and drinks the lot and Jim finds him on the floor barely conscious. Meanwhile, Liz tells Steve and Michelle that Jim hasn’t changed a bit and she’s told him they want nothing more to do with him.

Jason feels terrible as a badly hurt Tyrone returns to the street, but Tony is adamant they can’t involve the insurance company because if anyone found out they were using materials that didn’t meet building regulations then Jason’s business would be finished. Jason’s furious and tells Tony and Todd that once they’ve sorted out this mess they’re both sacked. Calling at No 11 Tony offers to make good the damage and give Tyrone £1k to tide him offer.

When Dev pays Julie a back-handed compliment she tells him to shove his gym membership.

Also, Katy calls at the garage to tell Luke they can only be friends for Steph’s sake. Luke reluctantly agrees, but it’s clear they both want more; Steve makes some signings for his pub cricket team.