Peter doesn’t hesitate to tell Eva that Aidan was all over Maria in the cafe

A troubled Eva feels worse then ever when Peter plays chinese whispers...

Eva asks Aidan to meet her in the Rovers but when Peter sees Maria being comforted by Aidan over Luke he misreads the situation and tells Eva that Aidan was all over Maria. Having stumbled upon her upset state Shona takes her back to the Rovers where Eva tells her she can’t tell Aidan about the baby and a shocked Toyah overhears.

Gail hears Sarah and Bethany rowing and is horrified to realise Bethany is working as a lapdancer. Gary calls at number 8 and tells Sarah she has every right to hate him. How will she react?

Eileen drives Billy to meet Todd and Summer but when they arrive they’re shocked to see Summer alone revealing that Todd’s not coming after the police caught up with them. Meanwhile, Adam swaps Billy’s strong painkillers for ordinary paracetamol.

Tracy is underwhelmed when Steve gives her a bunch of flowers for her birthday but he has another surprise up his sleeve. Amy deliberately sabotages her old phone but Steve sees through her ruse. Gina is inundated with orders but forgets to pick up her medication.

First episode of the evening.