Peter finds out about Ken’s affair

Peter is stunned when Audrey tells him about Ken’s affair with Martha. It’s Peter’s birthday and Simon plans a family party for him. Peter takes Ken aside and confronts him about the affair and demands to know the truth. Ken sadly insists that he’s found his soulmate. Peter can’t believe that his moralising father has cheated on Deirdre and tells him that Deirdre has a right to know.

Tom is still miffed that Maria checks his business decisions with Tony and petulantly decides that in retaliation he’s going to run their business ideas past Luke. Tony is fuming when Luke interrupts Tony and Maria when they meet to discuss Tom’s designs. Maria is humiliated and storms off to have it out with Tom.

Teresa tells Darryl and Amber that she’s living on a grim estate. Amber sees Teresa bedding down on Maxine’s bench and feels sorry for her. Amber asks Dev to let Teresa kip in the shop flat again. He gives his blessing on the proviso that Darryl moves in with her, pleased to get Darryl out from under his own roof and away from Amber!

Also, Joe is under pressure from Len and the loan shark; Jack is upset when three of his pigeons go missing.