Peter goes AWOL

With Peter having gone AWOL, Leanne agrees to help Ken search. When Carla informs the pair of a desperate voicemail message Peter has left on her phone their fears for his safety rise and they report him missing. But when the police inform them that a body matching Peter’s description has been pulled from the canal Ken and Leanne fear the worst.

Kevin and Tommy mock Tyrone for being under Kirsty’s thumb. Later, when Fiz’s boiler breaks down it’s Tyrone who offers to mend it. Tyrone is still at Fiz’s house when Kirsty is taken unwell in the cafe suffering pains in her stomach. When Kirsty fails to alert Tyrone to her predicament it’s left to Anna to take her to the medical centre.

Angry at the situation with Faye, Owen tracks down Brian and berates him for failing to sort out Lindsay the school bully. Anna also makes her feelings about Brian’s lack of action clear to Julie. When questioned later Brian reveals to Julie that Lindsay is the granddaughter of the school’s head of governors. Julie persuades Brian that he must do the right thing.

Also, Rob makes amends when he successfully renegotiates the lost Underworld contract and buoyed by his success flirts with Eva in the Rovers.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Ken and Leanne are relieved when the corpse is not Peter. When the good news filters back to the street a relieved Carla is comforted by Rob. Leanne arrives at school with Nick to collect Simon only to be told that Simon was taken home by Peter. Leanne leaves Peter a fraught phone message demanding to know where Simon is, but when she receives no reply her mood darkens.

Dr Carter confirms Anna’s suspicions that Kirsty was suffering from Braxton Hicks and all is well with her and the baby. However, Kirsty’s happiness is short-lived when she discovers Tyrone did not respond to her calls as he was helping old flame Fiz. Tyrone’s peace-making efforts fail to placate an enraged Kirsty, as she flings the meal he has prepared against the kitchen wall and erupts about his poor treatment of her. A vicious row ensues and is heard by Eileen and Sean next door.

Finally facing up to his responsibilities Brian alerts school governor Meredith to her granddaughter’s bullying of Faye. But how will the governor respond and will it spell a return to school for Faye?

Also, Marcus bonds with flatmate Kirk when he cooks Kirk’s favourite meal; Rob continues to get on well with the factory workers.