Peter hits rock bottom

After encouragement from Jane, Peter is hopeful that he can repair his relationship with his dad, but Ian is still frosty with him. Jane also tries to fix things between Peter and Lauren by convincing Lauren to ask Peter round for a chat. Although Lauren softens towards Peter, she can’t forgive him for what he’s done, handing back the engagement ring. A devastated Peter makes a call to a drug dealer…

Things are tense between Sonia and Martin after Sonia’s admission to hospital. Back at home, Sonia and Martin have a heart-to-heart. After questioning whether they still love each other, they realise things are over between them. Although it’s heartbreaking, they agree they need to split up. Meanwhile, angry after guessing Tina visited Sonia in hospital, Tosh tells Tina she’s applied for a transfer and wants them to move to Croydon!

Mick finds out that Denise is out of work and offers her a cleaning job at The Vic. Hoping to make things easier for Linda by employing Denise, Mick is frustrated when Linda storms off after seeing Denise working in the pub. Confronted by a worried Mick, Linda blurts out that she doesn’t want to keep the baby.