Peter is devastated by Lucy’s trolls

Lola finds some nasty comments about Lucy on her social networking page. When Peter finds out, an awkward Lola feels forced to read him the troll messages. Devastated by the comments, Peter is left a broken wreck. Determined to cheer him up, Lola arranges to get the gang together to remember Lucy. Lola is upset when a touched Peter assumes it was Lauren’s idea.

Kat is nervous as she faces court on the day of her hearing for perjury, terrified that she may be sent down. On the market, Bianca and Donna come to blows but are interrupted by news of Kat’s sentence. Kat reveals she’s been given two years suspended. A relieved Alfie suggests to Kat that they run a stall together, but Kat wants to continue working with Bianca.

Jane is ashamed about her moment of passion with Ian and tries to overcompensate with Masood. When Ian tells Jane he wants them to get back together, Jane lets him down gently. After Ian snaps at Bobby, who is heartbroken that Ian and Jane are not reuniting, Jane realises Bobby is her priority and she takes Bobby and leaves Walford.

Also, Sonia is disappointed when Martin cancels their date night to go out with his mates.