While Peter struggles with withdrawal symptoms, Amanda tries to comfort him when he smashes a lamp on her table in a fit of rage. The next morning, Peter is through the worst, and painfully aware of the growing chemistry between him and Amanda, decides to leave – but not before the pair give into their feelings and share a kiss.

Later, Amanda attempts to fix the lamp that Peter broke. But as she fiddles with the switch, she gets an electric shock and is sent hurtling backwards onto the floor.

Brad’s working late at the school when he hears a strange noise. In the car park, he’s met by blinding car headlights, and his heart sinks when he sees Johnny wave at him before speeding off. Shocked, Brad tries to report Johnny to the police for trespassing, but the cops tell a frustrated Brad that they’re powerless to help.

The next day, Brad gets a call from Johnny who comments that Sally is home alone. Frantic, Brad tries to contact Sally to warn her, and races to her house. But after realising Johnny was trying to get Brad away from school, Brad, Sally and Alf rush back to the classroom where they find ‘forgotten Emily already’ scrawled on the blackboard.

*Screened on RTE on Wednesday, March 7*