Peter learns about Ian’s breakdown

Peter’s back in Walford and realises things have changed a lot while he’s away. Discovering Lucy’s running the cafe, Ian has to explain about his breakdown. Guilty that he wasn’t there to support his dad when he needed him, Peter tells an angry Lucy he’s going to help Ian get everything back. After Max warns Peter to stay away from Lauren, Peter gets a mysterious phone call.

Cora suggests to Tanya that Lauren needs professional help, but Tanya is adamant she just needs to be tougher with her. When Lauren tries to prove she’s focusing on her coursework, Tanya is less than convinced. Lauren heads to the Vic and is delighted to see Peter. When Dot catches her drunk, she sends her home. Once home, Tanya is furious with Lauren for turning up wasted yet again, deciding to lock Lauren in to keep her away from the booze.

Michael is struggling following Janine’s departure with Scarlett, verbally attacking Alice for letting them leave. Later apologising to Alice, Michael uses it as an excuse to steal her keys to Janine’s. When Alice turns up at the house to find Michael ransacking it for clues, she tells him to get out. Realising Michael’s desperation, she strokes Michael’s face in comfort before he rushes out.