Peter continues to struggle with fatherhood and when Dan offers to sell him the bookies he is disinterested as he’s not in the right frame of mind to think about starting a new business. Later, Ken finds Simon home alone and he is furious. Ken confronts Peter and tells him he doesn’t want Peter to make the same mistakes he did with his own children. Ken and Blanche are stunned when Peter reveals that he’s called social services to talk about putting Simon into care.

Fiz and Rosie are struggling to get their lives back to normal after John. Rosie is jumpy and worried about being left alone and Fiz is getting increasingly stressed by John constantly phoning her. Kirk and Chesney are all set to visit Cilla in South Africa, but Kirk worries about leaving Fiz alone.

David gets a call from his old cellmate Graeme who has been released from the youth offenders’ facility. Tina is infuriated as she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with the ex-jailbird, but David doesn’t listen and offers to let Graeme doss on their sofa while he sorts himself out.

Also, Tony makes himself scarce when the factory workers discover they haven’t been paid.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter allows a little doubt to creep in about putting Simon in care when Ken begs him to reconsider. But after talking to the social worker at length, Peter insists his mind is made up. Ken can’t bear the thought of Peter’s son being taken off them and offers to look after him instead. Blanche is not sure how Deirdre will feel about this development when she returns, but Peter is relieved and makes plans to return to Portsmouth.

Tony attempts to cover when the Underworld staff are up in arms and demand to know what has happened to their wages. Tony blames a mix-up at the bank and tells them they can leave if they don’t trust him and promises to sort out the problem as soon as possible. He manages to win them round after offering them a bonus if they finish the order on time.

Tina is less than impressed when she discovers that David has given Graeme 300 pounds to buy him a car and when Graeme turns up in a fancy motor that has clearly been nicked she is furious. Meanwhile, Gail and Joe are still skulking around trying to keep their romance a secret.