Lucy shares her concerns with Peter when she discovers that Ian has gone missing after his run-in with Peter over Lola. Teaming up with Peter to search for him, the twins find Ian hiding out in the allotments. Ian insists that he just needed time to think, convincing Lucy, but Peter is still worried that Ian isn’t quite right. Deciding to bring in the big guns, Peter makes a mystery phone call asking for help.

Kat is in terrible pain after her fall and instantly panics that she’s losing her baby. Frightened and alone, Kat is flooded with relief when Alfie arrives home. Horrified to find Kat crumpled up in pain, Alfie rushes her to the hospital. Alfie is terrified as he waits to hear whether Kat has lost their baby.

Nancy feels bad about letting out Johnny’s secret, pretending to her parents that she was lying about him being gay. When Linda and Mick seem to fall for it, Johnny reinforces their belief by getting cosy with Whitney. A surprised Danny talks to Johnny, making him uncomfortable. Mick realises that something’s up with Johnny, telling him that he’ll love him whether he’s gay or straight.