Peter pieces together the truth

Leanne‘s living on a knife edge as Peter prepares excitedly for the blessing, determined he’ll walk down the aisle. At No 1 Tracy continues to clash with Ken and Deirdre, not convinced that keeping the secret is in Peter’s best interests. Meanwhile, Nick’s determined to go to Italy and hands Leanne a one-way ticket in her name, insisting they can start a new life together. Leanne explodes at him, screwing up the ticket, but when Peter sees Nick storming from the flat then spots the ticket in the bin he begins to piece things together.

Kevin‘s stung as Sally enjoys a swanky lunch date with Jeff and tells her that her daughters need her. Sophie’s been giving a warning at college for skipping class, but when Rosie reveals she’s been sacked by Alfie after confronting him about the sleazy job, Sophie’s overlooked again.

Tina’s warming to Tracy as the pair make a dynamic double-act behind the bar. But despite the banter Tina notes Tracy is subdued and offers an ear if she wants to talk. Tracy’s grateful.

Also, Cheryl decides it’s time she made her mark in the cab office.

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