Peter punches Nick!

It’s Leanne and Nick’s turn to host a birthday party for Simon. Carla’s dreading it as Peter’s adamant he won’t have Nick playing daddy again, but Nick’s pulled out all the stops with an entertainer for the kids and Peter’s riled. When he then hands over a surprise present – a laptop – the red mist descends and Peter accuses Nick of trying to upstage him. Nick denies it, but when he says Peter’s behaving like a child he loses his cool and punches Nick. Leanne’s had enough and comes to a shock decision, she’s leaving Weatherfield!

Kevin wants to move into No 13 ASAP so Steve tells Tracy and Beth he wants them out. But claiming they have rights the women say they need at least a month’s notice. With a hefty repair bill to pay for Lloyd’s sabotaged cabs Steve needs the house sale and offers the girls a thousand pounds if they’re out within 24 hours. Tracy finally admits defeat.

Anna’s puzzled as Faye drags her feet about going to Simon’s birthday party. There the bully picks on her again and as the nasty texts continue Faye takes her upset out on Anna.

Also, Izzy and Gary tell Anna and Owen their news.