Carla‘s struggling with Nick’s decision to dissolve their partnership. She’s also fed up with Trev’s constant mistakes and, finally seeing red, she sacks him. A row inevitably ensues and she screams at him to get out of her life. But he isn’t going to take this lying down and after telling her some home truths he storms out.

Carla’s left contemplating whether she has nothing in her life other then the bottle of scotch she has just opened. Later, Peter is at his AA meeting when he looks up and spots Carla hovering in the doorway.

David‘s desperate to apologise to Tina about last night, but she’s having none of it. Later, she confides in a shocked Rita, who say’s she will keep quiet if Tina returns to work in the Kabin. Tina is later caught in a tricky situation when Graeme asks David to help them move more boxes into the flat.

Anna and Eddie are both trying to remain upbeat as Gary packs his final things for Afghanistan. He is off to war.

Also, Michelle is devastated when Ciaran reveals he got the job in Glasgow.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Peter rushes after Carla as she flees the AA meeting when she spots him. When he catches up with her she tells him she was looking for the Spanish class. Later, his suspicions are aroused when he watches the Spanish pupils leave and she’s not among them. When he later sees her going into the factory alone he follows her, but she sends him packing. As he leaves she reaches for another bottle of whisky only to discover it’s empty, so she opens another.

Tyrone has convinced Molly that they need a night out, despite her reservations about leaving Sally and Kevin to babysit baby Jack. Kevin’s clearly uneasy, but when Sally tells him it could be fun it doesn’t take long for Kevin to bond with the child that he believes could be his son. Meanwhile, Molly’s uneasy in the pub and convinces Tyrone that they should head back – only to discover Kevin holding her baby.

Graeme is oblivious to the tension between David and Tina as the three of them begin to unpack the boxes. David thanks Tina for not saying anything, but she says she only kept quiet for Graeme’s sake, not David’s.

Also, Gary spends time with Izzy before leaving for Afghanistan.

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