Peter spoils his date with Michelle

Peter takes Michelle out for dinner, but the evening gets off to a bad start when Peter gets tetchy when Michelle orders herself a glass of wine. It’s a disastrous evening as all Peter can talk about is his drink problem and he can’t get out of the restaurant quick enough. Back on the street, Peter’s annoyed with himself for ruining the date.

Gail is gutted when Joe packs his things into his van and tells her he’s moving out, but as he tries to lug a huge piece of hardboard into the van he slips and puts his back out. Gail takes him to the doctors and he’s told he’ll need complete rest for a couple of weeks. Gail is secretly pleased that Joe’s in no fit state to leave and is keen to get their relationship back on track.

Sophie is the good Christian as she decides to ask forgiveness for misdemeanours from her past and she confesses to Rita that she stole some sweets from the Kabin when she was little! Rita is forgiving while Sally is unimpressed that her daughter’s telling people she used to shoplift.

Also, Deirdre is disappointed when Ken forgets their wedding anniversary.

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