Peter stakes his claim on the factory

Carla’s angry when Peter lets himself into the factory and parks himself at his desk, pointing out the business is half his and he’s not going anywhere.

Owen calms down after his outburst, but admits that he can’t get the thought of Anna and Phelan out of his head. As they head to the Bistro the atmosphere is tense when Gary announces he’s landed an interview for a 12-month contract. Izzy tells Owen he needs to have it out with Anna and air their differences, but he decides to ignore their problems and carry on as normal.

With all eyes on her, Michelle reluctantly agrees to go back to the Rovers with Steve and talk things through. He begs her to give him another chance and she decides to forgive him…for now.

Also, Sally hesitantly shows off her engagement ring in the cafe. Sophie’s unconvinced and asks Sally if she really wants to marry Tim. Meanwhile, Tim worries whether he’s done the right thing; and a tipsy Marcus tells Todd that he loves him.