As Peter heads to the hospital, to visit his sponsor from AA who’s had a relapse, it’s clear he’s still battling his own cravings. In the hospital he’s shocked to see how far Jonno’s health has deteriorated since he fell off the wagon and the prognosis isn’t good.

Back on the street, reminders of last year’s tram crash are all around. Revealing he’s now been taken off Jack’s birth certificate, Tyrone admires Peter for being able to put Leanne’s infidelity behind them. But as Leanne makes plans with Stella for their wedding anniversary drinks tomorrow he wonders whether he really has moved on.

Peter heads to the doctors with Leanne to get her scan results. But when Matt reveals she won’t be able to conceive naturally it’s another crushing blow for him.

He heads to an AA meeting where he sees Carla. Peter tells the group his fears over making a speech at the memorial, while Carla explains how she wouldn’t be here now without the help of a good friend. The pair exchange knowing looks, but when news is delivered that Jonno has just passed away, Peter’s devastated. Back at home he tries again to write his speech, but with no luck. Reaching for the bottle, Peter douses the pain…