Peter swears he’ll never touch another drop

Peter has recovered from the fire, but Simon is still in a critical condition. Peter has spent the night by Simon’s bedside praying for him to regain consciousness. Peter is all too aware that he nearly killed his own son and he vows never to drink again. Meanwhile, after the near tragedy, Ken realises where his priorities lie and he visits Martha to confess that he’s married. Martha explodes with hurt and rage at his betrayal and throws him out.

Dev is stunned when Tara arrives at the flat and apologises for overreacting. Lisa is still in the bedroom and Dev hastily arranges to meet Tara in the pub to get her out of the way. Dev feels guilty, but with Lisa promising to keep their liaison a secret he decides to keep his indiscretion from Tara.

Fiz drags Chesney to school against his will, but she later discovers that he’s been skiving again. Fiz phones the headmaster to arrange a meeting to talk about Chesney’s problems, but while she’s making the call Chesney attempts a quick getaway.

Also, Rita tries to get Norris to admit that he doesn’t really want to go travelling with Mary; Michelle offers Peter her support.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Fiz goes to Chesney’s school and is fuming when she catches Kenzie bullying Chesney. Fiz tells teacher Mr Griffin about the bullying but Mr Griffin won’t believe it. Fiz cottons on that Mr Griffin won’t punish Kenzie because he’s dating Kenzie’s mum and in her fury she impulsively tells Griffin that she will be teaching Chesney at home from now on.

Ken returns to the barge and begs Martha to talk to him, but she refuses and Ken has no option but to walk away. Ken returns to the street and he confesses to Ted that he and Martha are finished and it’s hurt him deeply. Peter returns home and Ken tries to focus on his family and promises his son he’ll be there to support him.

Kirk finishes with Julie and says that he knows she doesn’t love him any more. Julie can’t deny it when Kirk claims that she bosses him around and never takes his ambitions seriously. A stunned Julie packs up and leaves. Kirk maintains a calm front and disguises the fact his heart is breaking.

Also, Norris is taken aback when Mary confesses her mum has died and she’s relieved that she’s passed on; Graeme thinks Josh has what it takes to be a top footballer.

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