As Leanne prepares for the blessing she’s blissfully unaware of the trap she’ll be walking into. As friends and relatives gather in the church Peter asks Lloyd to take Simon out for a few minutes before hauling himself to his feet and walking down the aisle. Despite the awkwardness for Leanne, Nick and Carla the service is going without a hitch. But when the vicar embarks on the renewal of vows it’s time for Peter’s revenge. Wishing her ‘Happy Valentine’s’ Peter hands Leanne divorce papers before revealing all to the congregation about her affair.

Jeff is gutted about Sally’s rejection and regrets lying to her. He begs her for another chance, promising to put things right with Rosie, she is swayed by his attention. But she must decide to put herself first for once.

As a loved-up Audrey spends more time with Marc, Gail worries her mum is rushing into things. But Audrey’s enjoying a date with Marc, despite Gail’s fears.

Also, Carla tries to do a deal with new client Frank.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Leanne begs Peter to stop, but she feels the full force of his fury. He carries on relentlessly turning his fire on Nick, Ken, Deirdre and Carla before Leanne demands they all leave so she and Peter can talk. Alone she insists the affair with Nick was over months ago and she married Peter on his deathbed because she loves him. But she now has to wait to find out whether he’ll accept her explanation. Back on the street the shockwaves are felt.

Kevin ‘inadvertently’ scuppers Sally and Jeff’s date. As they enjoy a candlelit meal at the Websters, Kevin arrives with Lloyd and Cheryl, claiming he’s showing them round as potential buyers. As Sally insists they leave, Kevin starts hurling insults and a row breaks out with Jeff. A distressed and confused Sophie watches on.

Graeme’s looking forward to some quality time with Tina, but when they arrive at the restaurant her friend Xin gatecrashes the meal. She’s upset at not being able to get good job in the UK since finishing uni.

Also, Carla wonders whether to seal the deal with Frank.