Peter takes the law into his own hands

As word spreads that the wedding is off, and a shaky Carla returns to her flat, the police start their enquiries on the street. First it’s the Alahans who report they served a cheery Frank last night. Next it’s Peter who’s forced to deny Frank’s allegations that he was having an affair with Carla.

His anger building Peter, takes the law into his own handsand he confronts Frank but as a furious fight spills out onto the street it’s Peter who ends up getting arrested! Meanwhile, Leanne calls on Carla where she can’t help but question just how Peter’s involved in this. Breaking down Carla promises that Peter has done nothing wrong, but it doesn’t quell Leanne’s suspicions.

When Tyrone begs Tina to forget her feud with Kirsty she’s forced to agree. But when Rita finds a massive scratch down the side of her car, Tina finds it hard to stick to her part of the deal.

When Anna has a problem with the plumbing Gary asks Owen to come and take a look.

Also, Dev‘s not happy when Sunita insists he cancel his pricey golf membership.